Our Story.


We are a Community


God himself is a warm, loving, triune community. The primary biblical image for God is “Father” and the church is “family”. The example of the New Testament church is a warm and loving community.


1. Elders must be clear in our teaching concerning the relational aspect of the church as a biblical imperative or else it can easily take a back seat with the pressures of a busy world and a growing church.

2. Everyone must be deliberate in hospitality and friend making. We all must seek to know others and be known. This means being vulnerable, self-less, honest and trusting.

3.We all must be active members of a Community Group. Research suggests that the average church member can know no more than 50 people. Fortunately, we do not have to know everyone in the church to know a sense of belonging, but we do need to know some people really well. This “knowing” happens primarily through Community Groups. Community Groups are about 10-20 people in size and meet regularly to grow in the relationship with Christ, one another and serve their community.

We are on a Mission


Mission is at the heart of the Father and Jesus. Mission is at the heart of the work of the Holy Spirit. Mission is at the heart of God’s Great Commission to His people, the Church. “The church of God doesn’t have a mission as much as the mission of God has a church.”


1. Meetings on Mission. Our Sunday services are designed to have double impact, working to mature and equip the believer as well as help the unbeliever cross the line of faith. Therefore, we want to make what we do understandable to the average person and give them an extra dose of hospitality, while not robbing the saints of an opportunity to meet with God.

2. Members on Mission. Our homes are hospitality hubs and not our refuge. Our jobs are our mission field and not simply a paycheck. While we are still on earth, we want to “make the most of every opportunity” with our unsaved friends and to walk in the “good works which God prepared” for us to do. We don’t have a missions department. THE WHOLE CHURCH IS A MISSIONS DEPARTMENT.

3. Money on Mission. Our money is not our security but our ammunition. Each member is involved in generously giving to the mission of the church.


Jubilee Church is joined with the Confluence family of churches because we feel God has connected our hearts together in relationship, mission, and shared values. Through our relationship with Confluence we greatly benefit from apostolic input and from other ministries listed in Ephesians 4, namely prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who travel among the churches. However, the greatest joy in this relationship is not the benefits we receive but the opportunity to reach the nations with the gospel—something that would be impossible on our own. Confluence is a group of 1,500 churches in more than 60 nations. Jubilee Church has the privilege of being the apostolic base for Confluence in the USA.
For more information about Confluence, please visit:http://www.confluencechurches.org
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8 In the ultimate sense, worship is our primary purpose and mission exists to create more worshippers. When this age is over, mission will not exist but worship will continue. So, in this age mission is the primary purpose of the church, but not in the next.
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