Downloadable Materials


How do I engage with the Bible Reading Plan?


1. Get the Plan


If you have a smartphone, the Bible app is a great tool for you to use to keep track of where you are in the plan, do your daily readings, and connect with others. To start, you will need to download the free app and create an account. Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and tap the silhouette of a head in the top right corner. From there, just tap “Sign Up,” and you will be able to create an account using your Facebook profile, a Google profile, or an email address.


All of the same features of the app are also available online at Once on the website, simply click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right hand corner to create an account the same way you would in the app. An account created in the app is also usable on the website, and vice-versa.


If you prefer a hard copy, you can grab one at the Connect Point. A downloadable PDF of the plan is also available above.

Then What?

2. Commit to daily readings

The plan starts on January 1, 2020. Our desire in reading through the Bible is to cultivate a love for Scripture. Throughout the year our hope is that you will learn to know and love the Word of God, and see the impact and relevance it has in your own life. The plan we have chosen is titled “Two-Year Bible Reading Plan: Volume 1” and contains an average of a 2-3 chapters a day.

3. Participate in Discussions

As a supplement to the daily readings the Bible app is a great tool that provides the ability to share thoughts and questions with the people you’re reading with. We encourage you to take advantage of this tool to encourage and engage others as we seek to grow closer to God together. Grab a friend, family member, or someone from your community group and encourage them to read along with you!

4. Not in a group?

We want to encourage you to become part of a group, but not being part of a group doesn't mean you can't begin reading with us. Whether you use the app or the website search for "Two-Year Bible Reading Plan:Volume 1" and you can read on the same schedule by starting on January 1st.

5. Share your story on social media using #MyJubileeBible

As a church, we have faith that our devotion to reading through the Bible this year will result in many stories of God-honoring life change, and we would love to share stories with each other! Whether it’s a simple picture of your reading for the day or a personal testimony of what God is doing in your life, you sharing your personal experience could be just the encouragement someone else needs. Be sure to join the conversation online by using the hashtag #MyJubileeBible.