What is 'Next'?

Next is an initiative to raise resources for More + Better

More + Better Facilities

Convenient, visible, clean and attractive facilities are an important tool to reach our communities with the gospel. Modern, inviting buildings help us extend the gospel and are worthy of our investment.

More + Better Locations

Our vision is to plant biblically based, grace-focused and spirit-filled churches throughout the St. Louis area and beyond. Having requisite start-up costs raised enables us to respond quickly to new opportunities. Each new location incurs about $100,000 in start up costs.

More + Better Ministry to Children and Youth

To serve our children and youth well means creating environments in our facilities where our youth and children can thrive and volunteers can be inspired. Over the next 10 years, our greatest evangelistic opportunities will be among our youth and through our youth.

More + Better Ministry to the Marginalized

God has called us to care for those who are under served and marginalized. We have made a commitment to be this kind of church; but want to provide more care, and want to do it better. Our desire is to launch an Adoption Fund to help Jubilee families rescue the fatherless and orphaned.