Essential Leadership Lessons – pt. 1

Proin dui sodales imperdi sit
May 9, 2014

Essential Leadership Lessons – pt. 1

Essential Leadership Lessons

Part One

1. God’s power to save people is undeniable.

In college, God came to me in a supernatural way and his power changed my life. At the time, I thought I was unique. I thought that church and following Jesus was something that people decided one day that they wanted to do. I didn’t realize that God comes in power to people all the time. The greatest joy in ministry over the past ten years is baptizing hundreds of people because God broke into their life in powerful ways.

2. God’s power to change people is undeniable.

Those who are parents know about the joy of watching children grow and develop. One day they couldn’t walk and now they can. One day they couldn’t talk, and now they talk back. They grow taller, stronger, and smarter. A close second to the joy of watching God save people is watching God change people. I love the people at my church and like a proud pop, I love watching them grow by the power of God.

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