COVID-19 has closed some doors, while opening others. We grieve the loss of in-person ministry and connection. However, as the apostle Paul said, we may be bound, but the word of God is not bound! Therefore, as Paul turned to his technology of the day (the pen), we turn to our technology of the day to facilitate our togetherness.

That’s why during the week of June 21st, we are facilitating a week of prayer for mission with Sunday Celebration with the other Churches in our Confluence family of Churches. On Monday through Saturday, there will be a daily 10-minute video that will update us on our shared mission to fuel our prayer throughout the week. On Sunday, June 28 we will broadcast a service at 10am across all our Confluence Churches to express our togetherness and look forward into our future.

Sunday Celebration Service - June 28th at 10am

The best way to participate in this online event is by subscribing to the Confluence Churches YouTube channel. Once you've done that, you'll be able to turn on post notifications so you'll be notified every time a video is posted!

Confluence YouTube Channel

For information regarding the Confluence Family of Churches, check out the link below.

Confluence Website